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BREAKING: The Free Press’s Bombshell Exposé on Stanford

Today, The Free Press, a new media outlet founded by New York Times veteran Bari Weiss, published a shocking report about the deterioration of student wellbeing at our beloved Stanford University. In “Stanford’s War Against Its Own Students,” investigative reporter Francesca Block details how a power-hungry and ever-growing administration has micromanaged the lives of students, robbing them of their adulthood and endangering so much of what they’ve achieved. 

The piece covers a lot of ground, including Save Stanford TDX, our community effort to restore Theta Delta Chi’s rightful place on campus and resume control of our historic home. It also examines the punishment of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, the tragic suicide of star soccer player Katie Meyer, and the heartbreaking stories of other students whose lives have been upended by Stanford’s administration.


The piece has gone viral, with hundreds of comments already posted, and it’s sure to be a crucial topic of discussion among Stanford students, alumni, faculty, administrators, trustees, and donors. We need your help to keep the conversation going. Here are two very easy steps you can take:

  1. Forward this email to your friends and family, especially fellow Stanford alumni and donors. It is crucial they’re aware of what’s really going on at the school. 
  2. Share this link far and wide on social media, like Facebook and Twitter. These actions will help raise awareness not only within the Stanford community but also around the world.

For more than a year now, we’ve chronicled how the failed student life policies enacted by administrators — particularly Persis Drell, Susie Brubaker-Cole, Mona Hicks, Debra Zumwalt, and hundreds, possibly thousands, of their colleagues – have impacted life on campus. Now the rest of the world is learning just how bad things have become.

There have been a lot of difficult stories about Stanford in the press lately, and it certainly has been painful to learn just how much the school has changed since our time there. But together, we can hold university administrators accountable. In doing so, we will create a better Stanford with a brighter future. We all love our alma mater, so we all must do something. 

Your financial support makes a difference. The more people who know about the troubles at Stanford, the better chance we have to save it. Please, give whatever you can today.