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In Lawsuit Response, Stanford Tells Alumni They Have No Standing

(Palo Alto, Calif.) – In a legal filing, Stanford University asked the Santa Clara Superior Court to throw out a lawsuit filed and supported by alumni of Theta Delta Chi Fraternity, claiming the group lacks standing to advocate for their interests in court. The Stanford alumni seek legal remedy for the unprecedented six-year suspension of the organization from campus, as well as the expropriation of their historic home at 675 Lomita Drive.

“Stanford hopes to win on procedural grounds instead of addressing the facts. Stanford has never handed down such a severe punishment against a student-led organization, and they’re worried they might have to answer for arbitrarily violating the rights of Theta Delta Chi members and alumni,” attorney Mark M. Hathaway said. “It’s ironic Stanford thinks alumni have standing when the administration demands something from them, like the millions contributed to the school by Theta Delta Chi alumni over the years, but not when the administration is being held accountable.”

Stanford’s response comes amid a growing student-led on-campus movement, called Stanford Hates Fun, to restore fun on campus. This movement includes expanding opportunities to join fraternities and sororities, which in recent years have been subject to arbitrary rules and senseless probations from the university. Save Stanford TDX, the communications arm of Theta Delta Chi alumni, supports all Stanford students advocating for fair treatment and the restoration of their rights.”

“Ultimately, it’s future generations of Stanford students who will suffer the most harm under Stanford’s outrageous policies that micromanage every aspect of their lives and deprive them of opportunities to form meaningful connections with their peers. We are fighting for those students and the alumni who don’t want to see those opportunities disappear,” Mr. Hathaway said.

#SaveStanfordTDX represents more than 1,500 Stanford alumni who were members of Theta Delta Chi fraternity. The group is dedicated to restoring the fraternity’s standing on campus, as well as returning their home to its historic location on campus. More information can be found at