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Stanford University Loses Four out of Four Motions in Fraternity Lawsuit: Santa Clara Court Hands Theta Delta Chi Members a Legal Victory in their Fight for Reinstatement

(Palo Alto, Calif.) – In a recent series of decisions, the Santa Clara Superior Court ruled against Stanford University, rejecting all four of its motions in its defense against a lawsuit filed by the school’s Theta Delta Chi alumni. The lawsuit seeks to obtain legal remedy for the unprecedented six-year suspension of the organization from campus, as well as the expropriation of the group’s historic home at 675 Lomita Drive. The university had attempted to keep records sealed throughout proceedings, which the judge rejected.

“Stanford’s argument just isn’t there. We thank the judge for making her decision based on the facts and evidence at hand and look forward to reviewing the materials the motion will produce,” attorney Mark Hathaway said. “These materials should help shine some light on Stanford’s deeply flawed decision-making process behind the draconian punishment of Theta Delta Chi.”

More details about Stanford University’s defeated four motions are below:

  1. Stanford University was ordered to produce the Administrative Record associated with reaching the decision. We’re pleased to report that Stanford just did so, although they did not submit all of the accompanying evidence that we expected to see, and we are going back to the judge to compel Stanford to send missing pieces of the puzzle.
  2. The court denied Stanford’s request for a restriction or protective order on the use of the Administrative Record. The court will only allow Stanford to redact the names of students and other individuals in the name of privacy.
  3. The court denied Stanford’s request for a list of alumni and students behind the litigation.
  4. The court declined Stanford’s request to consider any discovery issues related to Theta Delta Chi’s requests for documents from Stanford investigator Erin Dolly, law enforcement, the district attorney’s office, and Stanford medical personnel.

The Theta Delta Chi alumni group’s legal victory comes amid growing controversy on campus. University administrators – led by Persis Drell, Susie Brubaker-Cole, and Debra Zumwalt – are under fire for an attempt to ban politically incorrect words, and students are organizing groups like Stanford Hates Fun to push back on attempts to exert control over their lives. Save Stanford TDX, the communications arm of Theta Delta Chi alumni, supports all Stanford students seeking justice and freedom.

#SaveStanfordTDX represents more than 1,500 Stanford alumni who were members of Theta Delta Chi fraternity. The group is dedicated to restoring the fraternity’s standing on campus, as well as returning their home to its historic location on campus. More information can be found at