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Why We Fight

In 2021, Stanford administrators unilaterally removed TDX from campus through an opaque process. Their decision applied an impossibly broad definition of “collective responsibility,” violated due process rights, and treated students like children rather than the adults they are. We are fighting to restore justice and bring TDX back to campus so current and future students can enjoy the benefits of the Greek community.

#SaveStanfordTDX is suing the administration for these blatant violations and educating the entire Stanford community about the facts.

The Facts

Stanford administrators removed Theta Delta Chi from campus after our brother, Eitan Weiner, died tragically of an overdose.

  • Rather than accepting responsibility after failing to recognize and respond to repeated warnings about Eitan’s struggle with substance abuse, Stanford administrators are cynically trying to shift the blame to TDX.
  • The due process rights of TDX members and alumni have been summarily violated through administrators’ secretive decision-making, where critical evidence, including primary source materials, has been concealed from all parties.
  • A six-year suspension of a Greek organization is unprecedented and is an abuse of authority.
  • No criminal charges have been brought against anyone associated with TDX, so why is the fraternity being punished so severely?
  • Stanford has a history of unfairly targeting fraternities and lost a lawsuit against Sigma Chi in 2020 after trying to remove the organization from their house.