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Unaccountable Stanford Lawyers Completely Disregard Legal Standing for Alumni: June 12 Court Exchange

On June 12, 2023, our case was heard by California’s Superior Court for Santa Clara County. Stanford’s lawyers continue to double down on the argument that we do not have standing, showing a complete disregard for a key stakeholder – alumni. Please read the full court exchange to see how little regard Stanford’s representatives have for our history and traditions.

It begs the question: Why are trustees allowing rogue administrators and lawyers to run the school with zero accountability?

Click here to read the full court exchange.

#SaveStanfordTDX represents more than 1,500 Stanford alumni who were members of Theta Delta Chi fraternity. The group is dedicated to restoring the fraternity’s standing on campus, as well as returning their home to its historic location on campus. More information can be found at